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Remote enables startup founders to employ the best global talent, manage payments and benefits with ease, and ensure international labor law compliance.

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Your hiring plan shouldn't be limited by borders.

Want to hire that amazing engineer in Romania, or your first sales person in the UK... but finding it difficult to navigate international tax and labor laws?

To employ someone in another country, you must have a legal entity. However, setting up a legal entity can take months and cost over $100,000 per entity, not to mention the ongoing operational burden and costs. The other option is an employer of record (EOR) which handles international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses.

Using an EOR makes it easy for any business to hire international employees without placing additional pressure on already-stretched HR teams.

Our global employment platform helps hyper-growth startups scale up fast, reduce operational burden and get the most out their hiring budgets

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Setting up legal entities versus hiring internationally with Remote

Expanding internationally usually requires an experienced team and a large budget. Remote reduces the costs, risks, and time involved in international hiring so you can hire in new countries.

Below is a comparison of the cost, time and effort required to set up your own legal entities, compared to partnering with us.

Entity comparison information

Hiring with Remote


per employee per month


Onboarding in minutes


24/7 support from our network of local HR, legal and finance experts.

Own legal entities


Over $100k per location, depending on country requirements and ongoing administration


3-12 months depending on country


Find and manage your own HR, legal, finance experts to ensure compliance with local laws

Reduce the operational burden on your HR team

Hire employees around the world, hassle-free

Remote makes it easy to hire a globally distributed team, fast. Our modern, secure platform automates offer letters, onboarding, payroll, benefits and other routine HR tasks while ensuring compliance with local employment laws.

  • Onboard employees through our self-serve platform
  • Focus on your business as our in-house HR and legal experts monitor changing local tax and labor laws for you
  • Ensure employees are paid in their local currencies
  • Approve payroll and expenses within our modern platform

Offer a personalized employee experience

Your people are your greatest asset - so you need to treat them that way. With Remote, you can offer an engaging onboarding and employee experience designed to build your employer brand and keep your existing talent.

  • Offer best-in-class benefits for every country, including healthcare, life insurance, and custom perks
  • Improve team diversity by hiring from a global talent pool
  • Reduce time-to-start with streamlined employee onboarding
  • Promote employees, change salaries, and add incentives all within our simple dashboard
  • 24/7 self-serve platform for employees

Pay contract workers around the world

Contractors are an easy way to add more people to your team but they shouldn’t add more administrative overhead. Remote streamlines the contractor management process from compliance to payments.

  • Use compliant contracts adapted for local labor laws
  • Approve invoices in one click
  • Pay workers in countries around the world hassle-free

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Why choose Remote
to power your startup growth?

"With employment laws and regulations varying from country to country, we do not have the time go through the bureaucratic and time consuming process of setting up a new legal entity every time we make a new hire."

"Remote allows us to effortlessly onboard new employees, safe in the knowledge that we are fully compliant. We are free to select the best candidates available, enabling us to focus on growing our business."

Andy Firth


The strongest IP protection you can trust

Your startup is built on your valuable data, intellectual property, and invention rights. Remote takes security and intellectual property seriously. Remote IP Guard uses the strongest legal protection to ensure your property stays your property.

We own the full stack for greater control

Unlike other providers, Remote owns local entities in every country we serve. This gives us greater flexibility, expertise, and transparency across payroll, benefits, and compliance.

One partner, one platform

Remote brings together everything you need to scale your business. Our expert HR team can advise on everything from compliance to benefits to stock options, plus effective onboarding and offboarding. The Remote dashboard becomes your one stop shop for reviewing employee data and managing payroll and expenses.

Remote For Startups

Our Remote for Startups program is designed to help high-growth companies grow, at a fraction of the cost.

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Remote for Refugees

Get our employer of record (EOR) services free 
when hiring refugees residing in countries 
where we're available!

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