Remote for Contractors

Want to learn more about Remote? Read on to find out why companies use Remote to onboard, manage, and pay contractors all around the world.

How top international contractors use Remote

  • Submit invoices

  • Log expenses

  • Get paid in your currency

  • Set recurring invoices

  • Localized contracts

  • Manage documentation

A contractor experience that’s easy for everyone

International Payments
Get paid in your local currency

Remote makes it simple for you to get paid in your currency of choice, whether that’s the currency you invoice in or not. And there are no hidden bank fees - only a competitive currency exchange fee.

  • Receive payments in countries around the world

  • Change payment and contact details with our modern self-serve platform

Invoice Management
Submit invoices for approval

No more back-and-forth emails. Upload your invoices in Remote, and we'll route them for approval. Track the status of all your invoices on our easy-to-use dashboard.

Compliant Contracts
Sign contractor agreements tailored to your country

Contractor agreements are different all around the world. Keep yourself (and your clients!) safe and compliant using Remote's personalized contracts.

The risks of misclassification

When a company employs international workers, they typically pay their team in one of two ways: as contractors or as full-time employees. Find out when contract workers should be classified as employees.

Start invoicing clients in minutes

Remote guides you through onboarding and steps involved to validate your identity for security purposes. You’ll also be prompted to upload any required tax documentation for secure storage.

Why do companies choose Remote?


International customer support

Our experts are available to help with technical support and enquiries - just email or send a request through our platform, and one of our team will be in touch.


Strongest protection for IP and invention rights

Remote’s standard contracts ensure the maximum legal transfer process to ensure an organization’s intellectual property and invention rights remain their property.


Privacy and security built-in

You can rest easy with Remote. We adhere to strict GDPR and SOC 2 security processes to protect sensitive personal identifying information, financial, and employment data.

Frequently Asked Questions

You invoice your client as normal. The only difference is that you upload your invoice to Remote. The client approves the invoices and submits payment to us, before we send payments directly to your bank account.

We make payments to contractors in 180+ countries around the world. You can add multiple bank accounts and you can set a default bank account to have your salary paid into it. If your local currency is not supported, we recommend creating a Wise account to accept USD.

Read more here.

Your invoice should be in the currency of your client. You can do the conversion calculation yourself when invoicing.

If the currency of your bank account is different from your client’s billing currency, we use Wise's exchange rate to disburse funds to you.

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