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Employer of Record

Hire employees in countries where you don't have entities

Top features

  • Hire international employees

  • Benefits tailored to each country to help you attract world-class talent

  • Get support from local HR

  • IP and invention rights are fully protected

Contractor Management

Manage and pay international contractors


per contractor per month

Top features

  • Onboard international contractors

  • Approve contractor invoices with one click

  • Pay contractors in their local currency with no hidden fees

  • Manage all employment documents securely

Global Payroll

Run payroll in countries where you own entities.

Top features

  • Reduce costs by centralizing payroll management

  • Benefits tailored to each country to help you attract world-class talent

  • Accurate, on-time, compliant payments to level-up your employee experience

  • Ensure compliance with ever-changing payroll regulations


Need a custom package to meet your global enterprise's needs?

Top features

  • Free consultations with our in-house HR and legal experts

  • Prioritized support for rapid onboarding of multiple employees at once

  • Customized reporting, tailored benefits plans, and payroll administration

  • Dedicated support from Remote for key system integrations

Compare features tailored to your needs

Whether you're hiring your first international contractor or scaling up your global team of full-time employees and contractors, we have a plan for you.

  • Features

  • Security

  • Support

  • Payments

  • Management

Employer of Record
Contractor Management
Global Payroll

Unlimited admin seats for your team

Custom system integrations

Built-in legal compliance management

Remote IP Guard for intellectual property and invention rights protection

Dedicated support team

24/5 customer service

Continuous support from our People Ops and Customer Success teams

Dedicated rapid onboarding support for multiple employees at once

Free quarterly consultations with in-house HR, legal, tax, benefits, and immigration experts

Customized payroll data flow to match financial requirements for enterprises

Automated payments and payroll in multiple local currencies

Payments to third parties including tax authorities and insurance providers

Benefits management and administration in every country

Annual statutory employer reports

Full delegation of in-country employer's legal responsibilities to Remote

Custom reports

Customized administration and management of benefits

Remote offers special plans for your unique needs

Get our employer of record (EOR) services free when hiring refugees residing in countries where we're available!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote's EOR fees are just $599 per employee per month (paid annually upfront) or $699 per employee per month if you opt to pay monthly.

These EOR fees are on top of the total cost of employment (TCE) for each employee you employ through our Employer of Record service, which is the total cost of social programs mandated by the local government. In many countries, there will also be costs associated with core benefits such as healthcare or collectively bargained agreements. Because Remote is able to benefit from large group plans, we are able to offer competitive rates on more comprehensive coverage for your employees. We do not add a markup on any benefits premiums or administration costs!

Because Remote is the employer of record, it’s important for us to offer the same core benefits to all employees in a country to ensure fair equity and non-discriminatory hiring practices, which protects your business and ours.

Your invoice will include a low foreign exchange fee applied to currency conversions. We're able to offer lower foreign exchange fees than many banks, and other providers due to our strong partnerships with banking providers.

No - you can work with Remote to hire any number of employees or contractors, with no minimum requirements or fees.

Whether you're hiring employee number 1, or employee number 1000, we're here to help you scale.

Yes. Remote is the more affordable solution for global employment, both in comparison to other employer of record services and as an alternative to managing your own legal entity.

Many countries require social security or other contributions and costs in proportion to the gross salary awarded to an employee. The TCE is the sum of these contributions and the gross salary of the employee. 

For example: in 🇵🇹 Portugal, every employer is required to pay an amount equivalent to 23.75% of the gross salary to social security, contribute the equivalent of 1% of gross salary to a mandatory compensation fund, provide labour accident insurance, bi-annual work medicine appointments, and 40 hours of training. These statutory requirements are included in the TCE for employees in Portugal.

Your invoice will include a low foreign exchange fee applied to currency conversions. We're able to offer lower foreign exchange fees than many banks, and other providers due to our strong partnerships with banking providers.

Gross salary is the pre-tax amount that is awarded to the employee. Taxes include social security contributions and/or other mandatory payments according to local laws, and income tax, which varies both according to local laws and the employee's personal tax situation.Net salary is the post-tax amount that the employee actually receives in their bank account. The rules for calculating the net salary also vary from country to country according to their legal framework.

We don't charge onboarding or setup fees: what you see is what you get. In summary:

  • Monthly reservations: $0

  • Remote's EOR fees are $599 USD per employee per month (paid annually upfront) and $699 per employee per month (paid month-to-month).

We can bill our customers in EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, DKK, GBP, JPY, NZD, NOK, SEK, or CHF. You can find more detailed information at Global Employment: Billing & Invoicing.

You can get started with Remote Contractor Management for free! Enjoy a 30-day trial to onboard and manage contractors without any charges. After the trial, if your contractors engage in billable activities like invoicing, contract signing, or receiving payment for pending invoices, the cost is $29 per contractor per month.

Our Fair Price Guarantee ensures that you only pay for the number of contractors that you actually work with. You can onboard as many contractors as you like to Remote, securely store all your contractor information, and only pay when a contractor signs a contract, issues an invoice, or is paid.

Payments made by card incur an additional 3% service charge. There are no additional fees for employing contractors.

Contractors may be charged 1-2% of their payment for currency conversions by our payment partner. There are no other fees to receive payments as a contractor through Remote.

After you sign up, you can invite contractors to join the Remote platform. After your contractors register, they can upload their invoices and send them for approval. Invoices will appear in your dashboard to be reviewed and approved.

With one click, you can approve invoices for payment. Remote handles the rest!

Upon receiving the funds, we ensure your contractors receive their payments in their bank accounts.

Still have more questions? Remote Support can help right away.

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