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No local entity? No problem. Remote helps you hire globally while handling your payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance, keeping your employees happy and your company secure.

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Your trusted HR team in every country

Setting up local entities can take up precious time and resources. With Remote, you can start hiring across borders in minutes instead of months. No need to establish your own entities — Remote's fully owned global infrastructure sets the standard for global compliance so you can grow your global footprint with confidence.

Competitive local benefits

We offer comprehensive coverage at rates meant for larger groups — even if you’re still a small team.

World-class service

Get personalized service from our HR and legal experts during every step of your global hiring journey.

Compliance with local laws

We do the work to understand local labor and tax laws so you don't have to.

Fair and transparent pricing

Our Fair Price Guarantee means you can say goodbye to third party markups, hidden fees, and upfront deposits.

Ironclad IP and invention protection

Retain full ownership of your IP and invention rights in every country where you operate.

Stock options and equity support

We help you understand tax treatment in each country so you can offer the best plans and packages.

Manage your entire global workforce on a platform built with you in mind

Payroll and taxes made easy

Offer competitive benefits packages to attract and retain the best local talent in every country.

Avoid costly compliance mistakes

We take on the burden and risk of employing your international workforce. Our in-house legal experts and local partners work to shield your business from ever-changing regulations.

Offer competitive benefits packages to attract and retain the best local talent in every country.

Once you onboard your employees, we take the work of benefits administration and management off your hands.

Fast and painless onboarding

Onboard your global team in a few clicks. Remote’s simple yet powerful platform makes it easy to go from building a salary estimate to issuing your first payslip.

IP and Invention Rights

Remote IP Guard's ironclad two-step transfer process ensures you retain full ownership of your IP and invention rights. It also provides transparency by allowing you to easily trace the chain of IP transfers from employees.

Global compensation planning backed by real data

Offer compelling total compensation packages to employees all around the world.

Modern Benefits

We can advise you on the most competitive country-specific benefits packages.

Stock options and equity planning

Get legal and tax guidance for offering stock options and equity in each country.

Bonuses and commissions

Easily apply bonuses, commissions, paid time off, and more.

We integrate with the HR tools you use every day

We’ve partnered with the most popular HR providers to connect your people and payroll data so you can get more done.

    Don’t just take our word for it

    See how we help customers simply hire, pay and manage their team

    • “We work with 460+ contractors. I’d need to employ 5 or 6 people full time to keep on top of compliance, manage individual invoices, work with accountancy firms and make payments in multiple currencies. Remote has definitely been a timesaver and a money saver for us.”
    • “The Remote team works like magic: they are hands-on, proactive and we are always connected with the right people to get the solutions we need very quickly.”
    • “We wanted to start fresh and offer our employees a better experience. We aligned best with Remote in respect to the support we were given and the fast turnaround: in just a few weeks our entire Romania workforce was all set up and ready to go, with India following a few months later.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An employer of record acts as the employer on paper in countries where you don’t have legal entities. We can take on the legal responsibility for your employees and handle HR tasks related to employment including payroll, tax, benefits and compliance. Learn more with our in-depth guide.

    You need an Employer of Record service if:

    • You want to hire an employee in a country where you don’t currently have a legal entity.

    • You need to expand into new countries quickly and don’t have months to build out entities.

    • You don’t have internal expertise in global employment or local partners to ensure compliance.

    Still unsure? Find out more about when to use an Employer of Record for your business.

    Many Employer of Record service providers rely on third parties in the countries where they operate. Check whether your vendor uses any third-party intermediaries, which can cause delays, inconsistencies, and compliance risks.

    Remote owns legal entities in every country of operation and does not rely on third parties, which ensures control, transparency, flexibility, and accuracy for everything from benefits to payroll and support.

    An Employer of Record acts as the employer on paper for your employees in countries where you do not have entities. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) handles many HR tasks, such as managing payroll and benefits, but the employer is still responsible for managing compliance in each country. To learn more, check out our guide: Does your business need an EOR or a PEO?

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