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The global HR platform you deserve

Onboard, pay, and manage employees and contractors around the world with Remote. You focus on finding the best hires — we'll handle the rest as fast as you can say eins, zwei, drei.

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Hire employees

We handle local payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance so your employees feel as safe and secure as your business does - even in countries where you don't have a local entity.

Hire contractors

Use Remote to onboard, manage, and pay contractors around the world in one click. Completely free, with zero hidden fees.

Onboard your contractors

Invite individual contractors to Remote to complete onboarding.

Sign a contract

Use our localized, compliant contract agreements or bring your own.

Receive the invoice

Your independent contractor submits their invoice through Remote.

Approve invoice and send payment

Remote creates one payment request for all your contractors.

Contractors get paid

Remote pays your international contractors in their local currency.

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Pay your team on time, every time

Run payroll, calculate salaries and tax deductions for your employees - no matter where they might be.

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Offer best-in-class local benefits for your remote team

67% of global workers expect benefits comparable to those of other professionals in their country or city, and 60% have chosen one job over another due to better benefits! With Remote, you'll never lose on great talent because of lackluster benefits.

Health Insurance

Offer local healthcare to your global team members without the hassle. Remote’s comprehensive and flexible plans will ensure your employees have the coverage they need while helping you attract the best talent — from enrollment to administration, we do it for you.  

Pension & 401(K) Plans

Almost two-thirds of global workers view retirement plans as an essential benefit. With Remote, you can offer competitive localized plans in many top markets.

PTO and Sick Leave

Easily manage PTO and sick leave for your global team in Remote. From local holidays to local laws, we have you covered.

Manage global employees and contractors on one simple hub

User-friendly platform

Easily manage employees and contractors, including international payroll and bonuses, paid leave requests, and reimbursements.

Full-stack global infrastructure

Hiring with Remote means you unlock our full-stack global infrastructure in each country, which include Remote's legal entities and our local HR, finance, and legal experts.

Automate your entire HR tech stack

Connect Remote to industry-leading applicant tracking systems, HRIS, and other platforms to save time and reduce data entry.

Self-serve onboarding

Quickly and easily add your new hire's details, then invite them to onboard. Remote will take care of the rest.

Peace of mind with data protection handled

Our dedicated security team closely monitors our applications and infrastructure to make sure your data remains protected at all times.

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Hire employees from around the world

Explore a world of talent

Engineer in Egypt? Designer in Denmark? Customer service manager in Colombia? Remote has you covered. See the Country Explorer to find everywhere we help you hire.

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Stress-free relocation assistance for your distributed team

  • Sponsorship in top expat locations

  • Immigration and tax guidance

  • Relocation and settling-in assistance

  • Insurance

  • Travel letter requests


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