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Country-specific benefits at competitive rates for everyone on your team.

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Offer competitive local benefits to everyone, everywhere

Modern businesses rely on Remote for best-in-class employee benefits driven by local expertise. Our benefits packages will vary based on the country you’re hiring in. They typically include some of the following offerings:

Health Insurance

Offer local healthcare to your global team members without the hassle. Remote’s comprehensive and flexible plans will ensure your employees have the coverage they need while helping you attract the best talent — from enrollment to administration, we do it for you.  

Pension & 401(K) Plans

Almost two-thirds of global workers view retirement plans as an essential benefit. With Remote, you can offer competitive localized plans in many top markets.

PTO and Sick Leave

Easily manage PTO and sick leave for your global team in Remote. From local holidays to local laws, we have you covered.

Life & Disability Insurance

Give your team members stability and peace of mind. Life and disability insurance protections are expected in many countries and Remote offers localized plans to meet the needs of your global team.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is seen as an essential benefit in top labor markets from the US to India, and most global workers would be more likely to join a company that offered it. Delight your team members with Remote’s comprehensive and affordable plans. 

Vision Insurance

Take care of your global team with vision insurance from top providers, all at competitive rates. Remote can help you offer this innovative perk in most markets we hire in.

How Remote does benefits differently

Comprehensive coverage at competitive rates

With access to our network of top benefits providers, you can offer comprehensive coverage at rates meant for larger groups — even if you’re still a small team.

Curated local plans

Why spend time researching benefits requirements and vendors in every country? Our team of experts has done the hard work for you, building curated plans for every country you want to hire in.

Automated setup and management

Once you onboard your employees, we take the work of benefits setup and management off your hands.

Guaranteed compliance

We guarantee compliance with local laws so you can hire confidently in countries around the world. Our team is here to help not just when you onboard your employees but even when regulations change.

Advice from benefits experts

Our team of experts can offer personalized advice and support to help you understand what benefits are expected in each country and how to go above and beyond for your team.

Contractor benefits

Do you want to make your global contractors feel like members of your team? We can advise on the best compliant benefits for contractors.

What they say

Grow your business beyond borders

  • “Remote builds loyalty within our employees for their career with us by providing world-class benefits and all the rights that come with being employed locally.”
  • “We wanted to quickly grow our Mexico presence without navigating the intricacies of incorporation, payroll, and benefits management ourselves. Remote allowed us to do exactly that.”
  • “Something I hadn't anticipated but really appreciated was Remote's benefits packages. This solved most of the problem of trying to work out what someone in California would expect normal benefits to be, and how much they would cost us as a business.”

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Learn how to develop an equitable global benefits program, stay compliant with local labor laws, and adapt your benefits plans to different cultural norms

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Remote's Guide to Global Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with best-in-class benefits providers to administer benefits that match employee needs in every country. We also have global benefits and legal experts in regions all over the world who bring a deep understanding of what benefits are competitive and compliant in every market we enter.

At Remote, we’re leading the way in practicing “fair equity,” which means making sure employees everywhere have access to both the required and supplemental benefits they need in order to thrive. We also ensure that benefits are the same for all employees in a country regardless of their job level. If you need to provide a one-off benefit for a single employee for a particular reason, our team can advise on a compliant approach to meet their needs.

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