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Remote's Fair Price Guarantee means no hidden fees, deposits, or surprises


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We created Remote to eliminate the frustrations and hidden costs associated with employing people in other countries. I am pleased to say that we have recently taken another step in our continued commitment toward transparency and fairness in our pricing by introducing the Remote Fair Price Guarantee — our commitment to transparency in billing and pricing.

In addition to covering global employment services, Remote's Fair Price Guarantee also covers Remote Contractor Management to help you manage and pay global contractors for a low flat rate. See how the Remote Fair Price Guarantee works for contractors here.

Remote’s Fair Price Guarantee

Our Fair Price Guarantee is straightforward. You pay one flat rate to employ someone, and we don’t add anything on top of that flat rate. You always know what your bill will be. We also never require long-term commitments or exclusivity agreements.

Here’s what the Fair Price Guarantee looks like in action:

  • Flat, transparent pricing. You pay us a monthly service fee to manage payroll, benefits, taxes, equity, and compliance for your international team members. And that’s all. You know exactly what your bill will be each month, and you know exactly what you’re paying for: the most reliable global employment solution in the business.

  • Zero deposits for all but high-risk customers. Remote does not charge a standard deposit for our customers. Instead, we have eliminated deposits entirely for everyone except certain high-risk customers. If a company is considered high risk, Remote provides advance notice to ensure pricing remains transparent throughout the process.

  • No hidden fees. Our flat-rate pricing means you can set salaries for your international employees without worrying about extra costs. For example, some providers charge more for employees with higher salaries. Remote does not. Whether you employ a software engineer, a marketing designer, or your own CEO through Remote, we never charge extra fees. You can even check out our Employee Cost Calculator to estimate budget before you sign up.

  • No minimum commitments. You never know what the future holds, which is why Remote requires no minimum commitments. Pay one contractor for one month or 100 employees for 100 years: the choice is yours, and there is never a fee for canceling early. We offer monthly and annual pricing to help you choose the plan that’s right for your business.

  • No exclusivity agreements. We want you to love working with Remote, and we believe you will. That’s why we never require exclusivity agreements for our customers. While we hope you will work with us for as long as you have international employees, we will not force you into staying with fine print. We are committed to you and your team, and our pricing and contracts reflect that commitment.

The price you see on our pricing page is the price you pay for our services. You will never see an extra “employment fee” or “salary percentage fee” or “this country has complicated laws” fee from Remote. We take care of the hard stuff for one flat customer-friendly price, so you can focus on growing your team.

How does Remote guarantee fair pricing?

Remote’s unique model of global employment is what allows us to guarantee consistent flat-rate billing for our customers, a promise no other company can make. Our fully owned infrastructure and commitment to transparency ensure Remote will never pass on third-party costs or markups to our customers.

We own our own entities in every country where we offer global employment services. If we don’t own our own entity, we don’t operate in that country yet. That means we never rely on third parties to employ workers on your behalf, because doing so could create a bad experience for your employees and unpredictably high costs for you.

Refusing to rely on third parties means we are not available in every country in the world yet, but we believe it’s better to take the time to get it right. You can always see where we’re available and where we’re going next in our Country Explorer.

Employ your global team with Remote today

We want to make it easy for companies of all sizes to employ and pay global teams. With our Fair Price Guarantee, Remote provides the reliability and peace of mind you need to grow with confidence.

Get started today to begin onboarding your first employee in minutes. Have questions? Contact us and we will help answer all your questions on how to employ workers in other countries. With our flat-rate pricing and commitment to excellence in everything we do, it’s never been easier — or more affordable — to grow your global team with Remote.