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Trusted by top global businesses experiencing hyper-growth

Customized to manage your distributed team

Remote’s global employment platform has the in-built knowledge to guide you through the complexities of cross-border hiring, international payroll, an tax management. Remote's deep internal expertise means we can develop a customized plan to match your enterprise business needs. We're the global partner you can trust to manage an international team with complete confidence.

    Fast, flexible international hiring backed by global compliance experts

    Remote handles international HR, mobility, payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance—all with unmatched in-house support. Reach beyond your borders for incredible talent, and allow our global HR experts to keep your protected at every stage of the employment process.

    • Hire the best global talent with speed and security

    • Banish your HR burden and refocus on your business

    • Manage all employees and contractors in one intuitive platform

    • Guard IP and invention rights worldwide with rock-solid IP protection

    Avoid the burden of building your own entities

    Economic headwinds and strong cost controls mean that opening new legal entities in foreign countries is hard to justify. The process is expensive and complex, and risk serious penalties if you don’t keep up with regulatory changes. Rely on Remote's fully-owned entities, HR integrations, in-house compliance experts, and consolidated payroll system to pay and manage your global team from one simple hub.

    • Hire and pay international employees and independent contractors with ease

      Avoid the steep and costly learning curve of navigating HR, benefits, tax, and payroll compliance in multiple countries. Remote powers international hiring with all the tools needed to hire quickly, while avoiding the costs and risks of going global alone.

    • An international presence with or without your own entities

      Reduce expenses and administrative headaches by hiring internationally without the need to establish and maintain your own legal entities. Keep payroll costs low and diversify your teams by sourcing great talent in overlooked markets across the globe.

    • Get all your employment data in one comprehensive hub

      Easily onboard, manage, and pay both direct employees and individual contractors with just a few clicks on our self-serve platform. Remote also integrates with top HR software systems like BambooHR, Greenhouse, and Bob streamline your HR processes. You get clean visibility of all employee data in one intuitive platform.

    Remote handles the complexity of paying a global team

    What do you get when you use Remote to power your global employment? You get a partner you can trust and a platform to rely on. That means confidence and compliance at home and abroad.

    • Offer stock options with expert tax advice

      Foster ownership and morale with your team by offering stock options or equity incentives to international employees. Our global equity expertise keeps you compliant every step of the way, from equity planning to tax withholding and reporting.

    • Rapid onboarding and global team management

      Stop spending time responding to employee and contractor queries thanks to our guided onboarding process, intuitive platform (including time off and reimbursement management), and team support resources.

    • Manage taxes and compliance across the globe

      Leverage Remote's 100% owned-entity model in 60+ countries, giving you a global footprint without the burden, risk, and cost. Stay compliant during every step of the hiring and employment process with built-in security and proactive monitoring that covers right to hire, payroll, taxes, benefits, and more.

    • Competitive, localized benefits to boost employee retention

      Access country-specific benefits packages at highly-negotiated prices so you can offer equitable, best-in-class benefits to your employees for a fraction of the usual cost. That means you can compete locally for talent on a global scale.

    Attract, employ, and retain a global team, from one employee to thousands

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    Get a partner you can trust with the confidence of global compliance

    • Managed relocation, work permits, and visas

      Keep your talent no matter where they go with Remote's in-built relocation expertise. Remote ensures the correct right-to-work permissions are in place to keep employment agreements globally compliant during cross-border moves.

    • Easily convert independent contractors to employees

      Stay ahead of investor scrutiny, avoid misclassification penalties, and retain top talent with Remote's in-built guidance on converting contractors to employees.

    • Ironclad IP protection to maintain ownership

      Protect your startup's IP and invention rights with Remote's rock-solid security provisions. We monitor changes in IP law and update agreements and protections constantly to keep your business protected.

    • Personalized service from global HR experts

      Tap into Remote’s global network of legal, finance, and HR experts who act as an extension of your enterprise team.

    World-leading global businesses choose Remote

    What they say

    Global businesses love Remote

    • “We wanted to start fresh and offer our employees a better experience. We aligned best with Remote in respect to the support we were given and the fast turnaround: in just a few weeks our entire Romania workforce was all set up and ready to go, with India following a few months later.”
    • “The Remote team works like magic: they are hands-on, proactive and we are always connected with the right people to get the solutions we need very quickly.”
    • “We work with 460+ contractors. I’d need to employ 5 or 6 people full time to keep on top of compliance, manage individual invoices, work with accountancy firms and make payments in multiple currencies. Remote has definitely been a timesaver and a money saver for us.”

    Compare Remote

    • Pricing

    • EOR Capabilities

    • Global Payroll Capabilities

    • Contractor Capabilities

    • Security

    • Integrations



    $599 per employee per month

    Starts at $500 per employee per month, up to $600


    $29 per contractor per month: only pay for the contractors you actually work with

    No public pricing

    Global Payroll

    $55 per employee per month

    No public pricing


    15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months with the code RFS15OFF

    No startup program

    Social Purpose Organizations (nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, benefit corporations)

    15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months with the code RFG15OFF

    No social purpose organization program

    Hiring Refugee Talent

    Free for any full-time refugee talent hired

    No refugee talent program

    Owned entities

    100% fully owned entities

    Country Explorer

    Limited country availability

    Localized benefits package and administration

    Ironclad IP and invention rights protection

    Equity incentive planning support

    Employee mobile app

    Transparent service metrics


    Number of countries supported

    21 coming soon

    Not public

    Government / Labor authority declarations

    Tax authority declarations


    Payroll support

    Global payments

    Exchange fees

    Mid-market rate plus 1%


    Locally compliant contracts

    Tax document management

    Localized guidance for hiring contractors in each country

    Contractor payment methods

    Wire transfer, Wise, Payoneer


    Contractor payment card

    Contractor health benefits

    GDPR Compliant

    SOC 2 Compliant

    ISO 27001 Certified

    Customizable API





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