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Earn commissions

Your commissions are equal to a percentage of the revenue that Remote earns from your referrals in a given month.


revenue share in months where the total revenue referred is less than $2,500


revenue share in months where the total revenue referred is greater than $2,500

Referral commissions are paid monthly and calculated based on Remote management fees minus any discounts, taxes, and VAT. Commissions are only valid for 12 months from the new customer activation date.

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  • Free to join

  • No limits on commissions and no miminum sales requirement

  • Robust 90-day referral lookback window

  • Promotions made easy with access to our library of marketing and advertising assets

  • Dedicated Impact dashboard and reporting to track your conversions

  • Expert support and management from our partner agency

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The Remote Affiliates Program is for any business who is interested in earning rewards by promoting Remote to their audience.

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Why your audience will love Remote

Remote takes the guesswork out of global payroll, compliance, taxes, and benefits. Today’s HR leaders are hungrier than ever for a solution that allows them to onboard, pay, and manage the international employee experience end to end. The Remote Affiliates Program allows you to bring them one simple solution for their entire global team.

easy to use platform
The new standard in global HR

We make it possible for businesses of all sizes to employ global talent legally and easily anywhere in the world. Our simple yet powerful platform makes it easy for customers to go from getting salary estimates to issuing payslips to approving time off - all within the same browser.

global reach
Hire anywhere in the world faster

Whether they’re hiring a contractor or a full-time employee, Remote’s streamlined process ensures a faster onboarding for every role and location. Plus, we make payroll a breeze so employees can count on getting paid on time and in their local currency.

Remote IP guard
Built-in intellectual property protection

We understand that intellectual property rights (IPRs) are among a company’s most valuable assets. When team members work remotely in different countries, ensuring ownership of IPRs can be challenging. Remote IP Guard uses an ironclad three-staged approach to ensure maximum protection and ownership for our customers.

Trusted by top global businesses experiencing hyper-growth

  • Reed-McBride__avatar

    Reed McBride

  • Lauren-Hoffman__avatar

    Lauren Hoffman

    On Deck
  • Vanessa-Kruze-__avatar

    Vanessa Kruze

    Kruze Consulting
  • Garret-Starr__avatar

    Garret Starr

  • Shama-Madhvani__avatar

    Shama Madhvani

  • Greg-Golub__avatar

    Greg Golub

  • Yoav-Gur-__avatar

    Yoav Gur

  • Amit-Matani__avatar

    Amit Matani

    Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)
“We're excited to collaborate with Remote as the shift to distributed teams continues to evolve. With tools like Remote and Carta Total Comp, our customers are transforming how hiring is done in their organizations, and Remote is an excellent partner to help teams create global fluency and tap into the vast potential of talent around the world.”
“Through our partnership with Remote, On Deck fellows and founders can scale their startups faster by hiring talent anywhere in the world. After using Remote internally, we are excited about endorsing it to our community as they grow their businesses.”
“The future is remote work, and Remote is a leader in the EOR space. We’re delighted to work with them and give our customers greater choice and flexibility when it comes to managing their global growth.”
"As Remote's first ATS integration partner, our customers can optimize their hiring from anywhere. And when barriers to hiring globally are reduced, it opens doors for a more diverse talent pool."
“Remote is a great fit to be our first employer of record (EOR) integration because their local infrastructure offers HR teams globally a scalable, affordable, and flexible option with full transparency into the onboarding process.”
“At Sequoia, we know that tech innovations are critical for unifying, streamlining, automating, and elevating people functions. With the Remote API, the people-driven companies we work with will be able to simplify their benefits and compensation operations and focus on continuing to deliver what’s most impactful for their global teams.”
“Remote is naturally aligned with HiBob’s mission and values of simplifying the globalization of the modern workforce, and our extensive overlapping customer bases can now benefit from our integration.”
“Remote hiring helps startups build their teams faster by giving them access to the global pool of talent. Hiring leaders and HR teams are in a race to modernize how they source and onboard new team members. That’s why our partnership with Remote makes sense for our customers who are looking for an easy and compliant solution to hiring the talent they find through AngelList.”

Frequently Asked Questions

As an influencer in global operations, human resources, remote work, or entrepreneurship, you know business owners who want to hire internationally and could benefit from Remote’s products. As a Remote affiliate, you’ll help your network successfully scale their international team, while you earn up to a 15% commission on referrals for 12 months.

To apply for the Remote Affiliates Program, visit our Impact site and fill out a few details. Then our team will carefully review your application. Once approved, you’ll get a unique referral link to share with your network, as well as access to marketing support and other resources to help you maximize your commissions.

No. The Remote Affiliates Program is free to join and we have no monthly fees or minimum sales requirements.

Remote affiliates earn money whenever a new customer signs up for Remote using their unique referral link. You’ll earn a commission of 10% to 15% for new customer referrals based on the amount of the customer sales generated each month. Commissions are calculated based on Remote management fees minus any discounts, taxes and VAT. Referral payouts happen monthly and continue each month the customer is active for up to 12 months. And you can always track your referrals and conversions with detailed dashboard and performance reports in Impact.

Earn as much as you like! There is no cap on how many referrals you can make.

You can refer any business to Remote. However, you will only receive commissions on new customers that do not have an active paid account with Remote already.

Your commissions are equal to a percentage of the revenue that Remote earns from qualified sales that you refer in a given month.

  • 10% revenue share in months where the total revenue referred is $2,500 or less

  • 15% revenue share in months where the total revenue referred is greater than $2,500

To be considered a "qualified sale" all of the requirements below must be met:

  • The customer signed up within 90 days from the date of first clicking on your unique referral tracking link.

  • The customer activates a paid plan with Remote within 90 days of the sign up date.

  • The customer is not already an existing customer of Remote with a paid plan that was active prior to your referral.

  • The customer does not cancel their plan with Remote within the first 30 days of the sale event date.

If all of the above criteria are met, you will be entitled to a percentage of the monthly revenue generated from the qualified sales for the first year of the customer's plan.

As long as the customer you referred meets the criteria of a “qualified sale”, then yes, you will earn commission on all revenue that Remote generates from that customer for the first year of the customer's plan.

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